Friday, April 17, 2009

Four Generations

Me, my Dad, my Great Grandfather and my Grandfather.

I just received a wonderful package from my Dad in which he included some pictures he had gotten developed from slides that my Grandfather had given him a long time ago. There were over 80 in this bunch and I've never previously seen any of them. I love this particular picture. I have absolutely no memory of my Great Grandfather and am completely unaware of when he passed away and until today had no idea this picture even existed.

Just wow.

My little sister and I on my Grandmother's couch. Gotta love that mohawk!


Carol B said...

How wonderful to have those pictures.

Sue said...

Great pics! I love old family pictures and wish I had more of my family. My Dad has so many slides, I should get him to go through some of them and have prints made.