Friday, April 17, 2009

So Many Things!

Has it really been that long since I was last here?

Seems like just yesterday doesn't it? Or does it?

So much going on here lately and so little time in which to do it too.

I waited until the VERY last day to get my taxes done! Thankfully I don't actually owe any money.

I finally decided to do something about my empty, waiting to be looked at Facebook. That was something I started about a year ago and even had a couple friend requests. It intimidated me so much I just "walked" away. Hehe. I say they have re-vamped over there as I found it much easier this time. I even managed to reconnect with a couple of people from High School there.

I joined a swap on Craftster a while back and as we were shipping back and forth from Spain to the US we had our usual shipping issues.
Thankfully everything worked out all right and I'm finally able to post what we swapped.

This is King Karl. I sent him to Phizzychick.

This is the fabulous inchie clock she sent to me!

I also thought I would add a cute little pic of my tiny new seedlings.

A couple of years ago I bought a large bag of mixed wild flower seeds with the intention of, well, planting them. They've been sitting in my fridge ever since. tsk tsk.

I have this big empty planter up front and it was just begging for attention.

I planted my seeds last weekend! Aren't they adorable? I can count three different kind right now. Unfortunately, I threw away the bag that told me exactly what was contained in the bag...

Can't take me any where, hehe.

Saw this pretty little guy on my way back in the house. He was very busy.


Chicken Lips said...

Love King Karl. I just joined Facebook, is it addictive!

Seth said...

Both of you got such wonderful pieces in the swap. King Karl is pretty Kool! Thanks too for the nice comments on my blog!

enrique said...

good comment posted on the blog...good job.

david said...

I was passing over the blogs, i found this one to be most suitable for me...thanks for the post,,,