Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wahoo!! I'm Up And Running!!

Thanks go out to Denise from Odd Imagination for being my new best friend and helping me out with my total lack of technology know how. She totally helped me and got me up and running again with the big dogs. I'm so happy...*sniff*!

Okay, now I have some pictures to share. Where to start.

My little baby bird Wally, that's where.

Isn't he ever so handsome and just look at those bright colors! I have never seen a bird like this here before, he's just stunned me with his beauty. Of course until last year I didn't even know we had mockingbirds here. I just don't get out much, hehe.

Here's he's getting a bit sleepy. You can see like a typical baby he's got food all over his face!

We fed him a Green Mush mixture and that's what is all over his little beak.

Here we are with the syringe and you can really see how tiny he is!


First Friday booth.

Admittedly not the best shot in the world as I realized later that it framed the porta-potties nicely in the background...blech. The wind was kicking up pretty good and we had to add lots of "extras" to the table to keep all the light weight pieces from blowing over. Definitely need some bigger display 'somethings' in there. I'm hoping to get a great idea for displaying my little pocket mirrors. The cool box I had them in confused people as to what they actually were.

I did manage to come up with some last minute nifty little designs that were a HUGE hit. I plan on concentrating on those a lot more for the next one.These were initially for a swap I joined over on Craftster but decided that they were entirely too big and made some newer smaller ones just days before they were due. Lord, I love toe-ing the line!
I used some copper wire I found last year on the construction site for their legs. I totally loved the way they came out and may need to make some more.

There is one right behind the little cardinal that I completely cut out of the picture and she's probably my favorite. They are going to get their own photo shoot shortly as I plan on adding them to my etsy shop soon. The adorable little red guy on the right found a new home Friday night though. I'm sure he's very happy as there are already other big eyed birds living there. (Hehe, hi Amy!)

These guys were the BIG hit of the night. Everyone loved them. I'm even more proud of them because these are my sons. That's right, the one who said he had no talent and didn't know how to make anything. He starts playing with the Celluclay and next thing you know he's joining me in the booth at First Friday. Did I mention that he almost sold out? Here's his booth. I kind of surprised him with this shot and never got another as we were as busy as all get out for the rest of the night!
His stuffed voodoo dolls were another big hit.

This gorgeous rose was blooming to the left of the zombie kids when we were doing their photo shoot and I could not resist.

I'm so happy I have my camera back!!


snippetgirl said...

Oooooh, how sweet!!! Wonderful Wally is the cutest little thing and that coloring....amazing!!! I see where you get the inspiration for the vivid colors in your art. Love seeing the creations in your booth too.
Hey, by the way, I LOVE that Home Sweet Home painting on the right of your that one sold?
Happy Hump Day~~

Meka said...

What a beautiful baby bird you saved! That is so cute he slept in your hand. Duane and I went to the gilcrease sanctuary once, we got spit on by a llama it was pretty much the nastiest thing ever. Other then that I was pleased.

Sue said...

Welcome back!! Great post - the pics are all fabulous! The baby bird is adorable, I have also never seen colouring like this on a bird (although I'm not that versed on birds).

The 'legged' birds are really cool, I like them! and your son's little people are great ...I can see them doing really well on etsy.

Amy said...

Hi, Debi! My big-eyed, copper-legged bird is full of himself because he went to work with me. The other birds are homebodies, but this new one wanted to be put to work. He's hanging out on my desk and making all my coworkers jealous.

And my husband and I are also loving the great things your son made! The zombie jar and the tipsy guy make us smile every time we look at them.

We're fans! Keep making the cool stuff!

Waterrose said...

oh that bird is adorable! so what kind of bird is it? Great post!

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

Your little bird is GORGEOUS, and it's wonderful of you to have rescued him!

ODD imagination said...

Hey Debi, it's your new buddy Denise! Ha ha ha!
Oh that little bird is just so cute!!! I love his fluff. I think he came to you because he was attracted to all those adorable brightly colored birdies you make (grin).
You were right about your son's work. How fun!

Venom said...

I've had a look around your blog here - such talent, but I can't say I'd fancy doing sales outside in LV heat (I'm Canadian, I'd melt). I really like your avatar too, that big eyed bird totally represents you.

Thanks for following Venom, Secrets, & Lies!

ps. You take awesome photographs - you should make your own calendar.

FishStikks said...

Snippet girl, isn't he amazing!?
I've named one of my little birds after him. I've been wondering how he is doing and mean to get back over there and check on him.

Home Sweet Home isn't yet for sale as I've been trying to get a proper picture taken of it for possible prints. Darn thing is just a little too long for my scanner.
I can let you know though *wink*

Meka, you got spit on by a Llama? Too funny! I'm sure it was a form of endearment.

Sue, thanks for all your kind words!

Amy, so glad to hear that he's got a great place there at work and that you are happy with the little blue tipsy guy and had you not purchased that zombie jar I was sooo gonna!

Waterrose, the bird is an American Loon aka Mud Hen.

Thanks Shrimp Salad!!

Hi Denise!! Thanks again for all your wonderful help!!

Hi Venom!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

I hear you about the heat, does get awfully hot here. Thankfully First Friday is in the evening but still hot!

Thanks for all your kind comments especially about my photography, hehe, I'm still finding new stuff on my camera...daily!

Jenn said...

oh my gosh!! I love that sweet Wally! What a cutie...I just want to kiss him!! Your table looked awesome and your standing birds are FAB-U-LOUS. and your son's couples!!?! ooooh I love those too! Have a great week:)

Anonymous said...

So cool! Love your work. Really like your chubby houses. Looks like home to me! Brilliant with Shakespeare's notes and random numbers! I live outside of Vegas and today we are going there to shop in this thunderstorm! First Friday? I have never heard of this and wondered what it is and where it is held. My sister and I are dying for some creativeness. To meet creatives and even purchase original art. Please e-mail me if you get a chance. Have a great day and thank you for yoour inspiration! Suzy