Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gilcrease Animal Sanctuary and the Rescued Baby

I decided to dedicate this post to my recent trip out to Gilcrease Animal Sanctuary where I took the American Coot baby we found yesterday.

His name is Wally. He got his name after my friend and I went to the golf course last night (where he was found) to try and find him something edible. I tried googling information on his kind to see what we could possibly feed him. I know how hard it is for experienced people to hand feed baby birds but between the two of us we basically had no clue.

We tried everything and even went so far to dip into the water that other American Coots were in trying to find something for him. Well apparently one of the golfers there saw us trying to find food for this baby bird and decided he wanted to donate money to his cause. This man ended up leaving all the money he had in his pocket to the little bird which amounted to $13 dollars. I was truly touched.

We ended up mixing up some Green Mush in with some baby food and some of the water/algae from the pond and got that little baby bird to eat quite a bit of it.

He had decided that he felt quite safe and comfortable in my hand so guess how I spent the night...that's right, with him cuddled up in my hand. After he was fed he actually fell asleep and slept throughout the night. I don't think he woke up once and amazingly enough I never once managed to let go of him.

I dropped him off at the Gilcrease Sanctuary this morning when they opened. What an amazing place. There were so many birds there and I totally fell in love with one umbrella cockatoo and a tailless crow.

If you are in the area I highly recommend stopping in for a visit.

They also have an orchard there where you can pick your own fruits and vegetables.

Here is some interesting background reading on them in lieu of any pictures on my part...for now.

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