Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wow! What A Ride!!

Okay, let's start off with, "I can't add any pictures!"
My computer is not recognizing my camera any more. I can't figure out why. So needless to say that until I figure this problem out this post will have to be pictureless, blech!

And boy oh boy, did I ever have some pictures to share!

Been massively busy trying to get my act together for my very first showing at First Friday here in Las Vegas which coincidentally happens on the first friday of every month. What happens is a street festival with art, food and music and amazingly enough not very many people in town have even heard of it. I found this sad fact out when mentioning I was going to be there to many people.

That being said the place was packed. The weather was being awful. It was very very windy and we ended up having a couple pieces being blown over and breaking.

We you ask!

My son had a table right next to mine. He almost sold out of everything he had!

We've both got lots of new ideas to focus on for next month though!


Finally went through with the long planned garage sale and managed to re-home a ton of stuff making me a very happy camper!
Did I mention how hot it was? No? I had put up my sun shade canopy and still I burned.

Totally loving that big empty space in the garage!


Have some adorable pics (on the camera) of this little Mud Hen (American Coot, great shots by photographer Greg Lasley) that got rescued off the golf course where my friend works. He slept with me last night. Okay, this should read that I held him all night to keep him from crying. Amazingly he did sleep through the night and seems to be doing reasonably well, all things considered. I've been feeding him a mixture of mossy water from the golf course mixed with some Green Mush and hoping for the best.
My plan this morning is to take him to the Gilcrease Sanctuary when they open at 9.

In case you were wondering, he looks just like the baby in those shots but much smaller and much brighter colors and is stinking adorable!


snippetgirl said...

Oh my gosh, that is so sweet and wonderful!!! I love that you guys rescued that feathered friend. I am also cracking up because i have a thing for the word "coot"...use it all the time as a term of endearment... i know, weird :)!
I hope you can show us photos of art and such soon!
Have a great day~~

Mixing-Katie said...

You've been having adventures!! Good luck with the camera.

Sue said...

Wow...lots been happening. The First Fridays sounds wonderful! I love attending events like this. Very cool on the rescue! Hope you can get the camera/computer issues figured out quickly.

Colorfuldayz said...

Can't wait for you to straighten out things with your camera. I had been wondering how your dive into First Friday worked out. Looking forward to seeing the pics from that, as well as adorable little mud hen pics. Glad life is going good for you right now!

ODD imagination said...

If you have a Windows environment I may be able to help you with your camera crisis. Drop me a line and let me know!