Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Baby Bird! Congrats, It's a Mockingbird!

I guess after having all that trouble with my own mockingbirds that it only stands to reason that a baby in need would come my way.
I'm still amazed at how wide this kids mouth is.

Hey! What's a guy gotta do for some food around here?!

Ahhh, that's much better.

Yes, a nap is definitely in order now.

I really didn't think these pictures would turn out at all so color me surprised. I was holding the camera with one hand and the syringe with the other with the bird under my little desk lamp with horrible lighting and an almost dead battery in the camera.

Yes, this sad little bird came from my friend at the golf course. Really unclear as to what actually happened but after determining that "her" right leg is broken and one of her nest mates had been run over on the cart path it is believed that they fell from the nest somehow and landed in a very bad spot.

Another trip over to the wonderful people, Raoul especially, at Gilcrease Bird Sanctuary and I think things might be okay. We even got to ask about the little quail baby that we took over to them. Yes, good news all around!


Dolores said...

OMG you are so wonderful to be doing this for this little sweatheart. Thanks for posting the photos.

Sue said...

OMG...look at that precious little thing! Great pics!

Midnightcoiler said...

Sweet little thing. I hope the little guy survives.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are SO good! And they have helped me identify the little bird I am taking care of. It is definitively a mockingbird! Comment by Carmenmaria

FishStikks said...

Hi CarmenMaria! Would love to hear more about your little bird and I'm so glad I could help too!