Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trying To Move On Without My Little Man

I apologize for basically ignoring you and this blog for so long and I want to thank everyone for their very kind words about Ralphie. I think he would be proud to know he touched someone enough to care.

I'm working on a tribute piece for Ralphie which I will surely post here but rest assured Ralphie will live on. It makes me feel even closer to him in these little pieces i make with him and he inspires me still.

Thank you!

July 4th is very fast approaching and I wanted to do something for it.
I love the way this star looks like he's wearing pants.
I've had this idea, or a semblance of this idea, in my head for quite awhile. It turned out almost exactly the wayI wanted it to.

And while I was at it I did another one ever so slightly different. Just because I can, hehe.


Sue said...

Ralphie will always live on in your work!

The birds are great! I really, really like them!

goatgoddess said...

so sorry you lost your boy - it's hard to lose a loved pet.