Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not Enough Time and Far Too Many Things

I'm still trying to figure this one out. Both Cooper and Emily were sound asleep when I wandered over with the camera and only opened their eyes when the heard the camera making noises. How in the world Emily got where she was is just beyond my comprehension. Silly little pill.

I've got lots of new work done but have been struggling lately with the camera and in trying to get good pictures lately.
I've been attempting to get one good spot set up (permanently) for all my picture taking and nothing I do seems to be working. Needless to say it's led to some very frustrating times.

I would LOVE to see a shot of your set up if you are so inclined to share...please!

Pierre and Simone. Named after my rescue Hamsters that I have totally fallen in love with! Don't you just love their little berets?
Clairee, named after the third Hamster. She's just a little darling. Both the hamster and this adorable little bird.

Little Stevie.

This is Palmer who decided that the "normal" party hats weren't for him and decided to don a pine tree for a hat instead. This little guy has gone to his new home in Barcelona Spain.
I wonder if he'll learn a new language.

This is Wallace.

Last but not least. My mobile home. I combined the big eyed birds with the chubby houses. I feel like a genetic engineer, hehe.
On a really really happy note, I got a new (to me) jacuzzi for the back yard yesterday and it just now dawned on me that I missed a great photographic opportunity in NOT taking a picture of the GIANT crane that came to my house to move it...dangit!
My neighbor is moving and decided to sell me her jacuzzi as she couldn't take it with her. It's a 6 person jacuzzi so it wasn't something we could just lift up and move, hence the giant sized crane.
I'm just waiting for cooler weather so we can run the electricity needed to run it up through the attic and over to it.
I. simply. can't. wait!


Dolores said...

Oh the new birdies are so cute - especially Pierre and Simone. I love the genetically engineered house/bird model too.

Dolores said...

Forgot to mention: the photo of Cooper and Emily is certainly one for the books. How sweet - and I'm glad no one was hurt.

Waterrose said...

Oh my your dog and cat together are adorable...I can't imagine how the cat got in that position either! LOL Love your new pieces...and hope you get to enjoy the jacuzzi soon!

Victorian Lady said...

You're mobile home, or birdhouse, is just about the cutest, funniest thing I've ever seen! I love play on words! Congrats on being published too! :)