Sunday, April 25, 2010

Meerkat Adventures!

Have you been following all the adventures of the traveling Meerkats?
Wait, what do you mean you've never heard of the Meerkats!?
They've even got their own Facebook Fan page!

It all started rather innocently...sorta.

The fabulous Niftyknits makes these oh so wonderfully adorable Meerkats and got it into her head to send not one but two of them out into the world to be hosted by many of her Etteam, (Etsy treasury makers) team mates all over the world in which said host would make something for the little Meerkat to take along in his/her journey.
At the end of the exciting journey the aforementioned fabulous Niftyknits would then hold a giveaway to decide where each of the little Meerkats, and said goodies, would get to go live.

The first little Meerkat Etta had quite an adventure which you can read all about right here. She has already gone to her fabulous new home.

The second little Meerkat vanished along the way to her next host. I'm really hoping that little Treasure is laying about on a beach somewhere sunning himself or maybe on the plane they got to watch the movie Madagascar and it gave him ideas, hmmm.

Niftyknits sent a third Meerkat out into the world and Alchemy is on his way here next, yay!

Right now little Alchemy is wrapping up his goodbyes at Waterroses' place.

I'm pretty excited about taking Alchemy out into the big wide world known as Las Vegas. Here's hoping we don't get into too much trouble along the way.

Stay tuned for some "exciting" snapshots.

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Moonangelnay on Etsy said...

yes ive heard of the travelling meerkats! i do hope the one that's missing is alright!