Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Meerkat Adventures!

I can't believe I am still having computer issues BUT *knock on wood* I think I have most of them figured out now. Here's hoping!
But never mind that! We've got Meerkat adventures to talk about now! Here's little Alchemy.

Wow, that was a long trip am I really here? The sun sure is bright out here, I think I need some shades.
Yeah, this is my kind of weather.
Vegas baby! This is my kind of town! My very first stop here HAD to be the welcome to Vegas sign, hope Elvis is around!
Oh my goodness, there he is! It's really Elvis!! I'm just so excited! I need to ask him for an autograph!

Hmmm, I think he's ignoring me...wait, is he staring at that girl in the shorts!
Awww nevermind, a Meerkat just can't compete with that kind of competition.

Visiting with some of the residents here. Big eyed birds eh, I wonder if they are looking at me like I'm lunch or something.

Maybe if I blend in I won't draw their attention.

Woah! They are actually quite friendly little guys and gals! I like them!

Decided to go to work with my host. At 5am I'm really starting to regret this decision.

Ooof, this brush is awfully heavy, I think I'm gonna need a nap after this.

*Stay tuned for more Meerkat adventures! Next we visit Hoover Dam, squirrels and the strip!*


Glorious Hats said...

Ahhhhhh, the sunshine looks marvelous. Plus and Elvis sighting. Hurray. Big eye birds up close and personal, now that is rocking. What fun.

leapinggazelle said...

What a great time little Alchemy is having! I love the pictures with the big eyed birds :)

Waterrose said...

Looks like a great time in Vegas! Wow and seeing Elvis too....

niftyknits said...

how cool that Alchemy is the same scale as the big-eyed birds - so glad they didn't decide he was lunch!

kaleesi said...

Fantastic Meerkat!! Even better story :) I love it!