Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fresh Artwork Thursday Week #1


The word round conjures up many things. But does it conjure up round artwork?
I never thought so either.

In keeping with my promise on June 1st I have some new artwork to share and it all came about from the round tip-in page swap I joined in on over at Craftster.

I had been feeling, dare we say...bored? I needed something fresh, help me think outside the box so to speak and I thought this swap would most definitely help.


I cursed the word round. How in the world, (haha) was I supposed to do artwork round. I'm a square kinda girl. I hated round.

I apologize.

Once I "got it" I loved round. Couldn't do enough round. Yay for round!

My first swap partner wanted spring/garden/flowers. It truly looked better in person as it was so dimensional with lots of layers. I'm not much on flowers.
My second partner wanted nonsense. Yay I LOVE nonsense! I admit to having a lot of fun with this one. Little Emily on a bike with flowers!

My third partner wanted things with wings. Normally that's a walk in the park with the big eyed birds and all but having already sent her one of those I wanted to do something slightly different at least. Each of the little birds is hand drawn, colored, cut and glued on the record and the label states it's Freebird by The Byrds, hehe.
I still have 3 more partners to do pages for, a couple are going to be...interesting to say the least.
Here is some round artwork directly inspired by this swap.

Done on a 6"x6" canvas roughly around Mothers Day. Sense a theme there?

The theme I wanted for my tip-in page was Alice In Wonderland and I did want to share 2 of the pages I've received so far. Hopefully soon I can get to work on my own covers for my book at which time I will certainly share them.
Slightly askew White Rabbit done for me by Stifflersmom. He's so cool.

This fabulous page done by AlteredMommy. Love it!!


Kim Mailhot said...

Fantastic art in the Round ! I especially love the Mother's Day birdies and the kitty cate nonsense but all are wonderful. I think you have definitely gone from square to round for awhile !
Happy Creating !

Shelly said...

Love these! Going to have to go find some records (they're around here somewhere!) to make some of my own creations in the round. Can't wait to see what you create next! -Shelly