Sunday, December 23, 2007

ATC's from an Ongoing Swap

I said that once I got all my cards for this particular swap done that I would post them all here and so I will.
All 3 of my partners for this swap had Zetti on their list. I LOVE doing Zetti so I did these 3 cards at the same time, can you tell, lol.
My next claim was for a mermaid and out of the ocean depths came this girl.
Needless to say she has the same influence as the Zetti kids as I did her about the same time. I love my Prismacolor pencils!
This little bird followed closely on the heels of the mermaid and again, has the same style. He's going to become my mascot. It's almost official.
Lawn Ornaments was my next claim and who doesn't automatically think of Garden Gnomes...I dare ya.
My last claim was for monsters and who doesn't love an overly sweating furry green monster?


kaleesi said...

Love the Gnome - he looks almost lifelike :) and all your other cards too! they are fabulous!
As usual! I love this new sweet sad faced guy you are drawing!

Babbetto said...

That gnome was a bit of a departure for me and I had alot of fun with him too.
Thanks so much for all your wonderfully kind comments Kaleesi!

Sweet sad faced guy. I never really stopped to think of him until I saw that. How nice.