Friday, December 14, 2007

Complete and Utter Lack of New Material

I've been completely baffeld by my inability to think clearly after just recently starting a new job that has, by all accounts, sucked all the life from me at the end of each day. The work itself isn't physically demanding but my mind has to be going all the time and unfortunately the work itself is rather mind numbing but yet...exhausting. I just don't get it but the by product of all this new work from me lately. I do have some ATC's I created for an ongoing ATC swap I joined. I've got the last two I need to get done and send out. I shall post tham all at once.

I've also got to finish my next partners' page for the Tip-In with a twist swap, it's due to ship by the 19th I believe. My plan is to have a big art weekend this weekend and I plan to get these all done in just 2 days, hmmm, shall be interesting if I actually pull it off. I've gotten rather lazy lately. Eh, shake it off and get it done, right?

I did stop by my favorite art store this week and bought all kinds of assorted canvases, both stretched and boards. I've got all kinds of visions in my head that I think will be completely awesome once I get them out and onto a physical surface.

Stay tuned...


kaleesi said...

I will definitely stay tuned :)

Colorfuldayz said...

I figured that new job was sucking the life blood from you ... you have been noticably absent lately!! Hope you get some well-needed rest, not to mention some creative energy,this weekend and the upcoming holidays. I have had jobs like that ... it sucks to feel so wrung out at the end of the day.

Babbetto said...

Thanks so much for sticking with me. Life and job are getting better and the 12 hour work days have slowed down quite a bit and have gotten much easier.