Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tip-In with a Twist Journal Pages

After having 5 of my pages received by my partners already I thought I had better get busy and start posting them. I've been a total slacker lately here but I've been really busy painting and what not so that does have to count for something, right?

My first page went to Amaryllisroze:
This is the front. She had posted her cover and the "scowly" little girl sitting on the chair was on her cover and I felt I just had to use her in my page. The number 1 is an oil board stencil that I painted to look oxidized-rusty and the letters are cut from an old LIFE magazine. Everything else is painted.

When I first started painting the background I was trying to use my cheap-o acrylics as a watercolor wash and it kinda balled up the fabric of the page. Kinda scared me so I started being a little more careful. I used my trusty prismacolor pencils for the small details and my fine line marker for the outlines.

The back. Done in the same fashion as the front and I added the apparently now famous running zetti bird. I do love this little guy and he seems to be popping up quite a bit now. I think I'll officially adopt him.

My next page was for Banga.

The front of the page features designs and colors that she had used on her covers. There is also an alphabet around the outside edge that I cut from the same LIFE magazine. She had also featured some old letters on her covers so I took one page from my trusty LIFE magazine and attempted to "write" a letter with the words found only on that one page. It reads "Miss Kelly, I want to praise a most distinguished Englishman. He drove her to the occassion through the crowded theater. Looking back throughout the ceremony recalls a similiar event by this marriage. Helen W. King"

I struggled a bit to make even non sensical sense of my letter but I like the way it turned out.

The back is done in the same spirit using letters cut from the same LIFE page including the birds body, wing and small envelope. Another alphabet at the bottom. As I was doing this page somehow a real bird feather ended up on my work space, actually on the marker I was currently using to outline the birds' tail so I felt I had to use it.

My next page went to LittleGreenDragonfly.

This partner wanted an organic feel to her page and liked trees. Not having ever done trees before, and I don't think that the ones I did in 3rd grade really count, I went looking for some trees I thought I could use as a background. I heavily borrowed from a photo I found and painted my trees. I then found a poem I really rather liked by an anonymous author.

"The woods are full of fairies, The trees are all alive, The river overflows with them, See how they dip and dive, What funny little fellows, What darling little dears, They dance and leap and prance and peep, And utter fairy cheers. Anonymous~
The little zetti fairie is painted on bristol board and attached with a leaf brad. He can actually spin slightly.

The back is done with some Finnish papers and vintage childrens book papers. I gesso'ed over them and embellished the leaves and flowers back up onto the text and then I aged my page.

My next page went to goatgoddess.

The front features a rusty tin can lid that I found out in the desert. All the letters were taken from the same LIFE magazine. It is looking a little ratty now but it sure has proved its' usefullness. The little girl, "Dorothea" has sparkly red shoes and a sparkly red bow in her hair. The image, I believe, was taken, with permission, from my Flick'r free to use in your artwork photo group, (that's a mouthful).

Again, I used my acrylics and my ever so trusty Prismacolor pencils.

This is the back and again, the photo of the ever glee full Glee Club was borrowed from my Flick'r group.

How can you not love a Glee Club photo as somber as this one? Some of the girls in this photo look down right pissed.

My last set of pages in this group went to Crafty_Dame. As you can no doubt tell I was going through a red phase and I did these last two sets on the same days.
Crafty_Dame likes things on the dark side so what is better than a Goth girl loving Edgar Allen Poe. With the exception of Poe himself I once again turned to my trusty issue of LIFE for the numbers and letters. Everything else is painted with acrylics, sharpies and prismacolors. The little girl is sporting a set of raven wings.

For the back I chose the famous Raven and part of the poem is written along the edge of the raven. "Ghastly grim and ancient raven wandering from the nightly shore... Quoth the Raven 'Nevermore'".
My human eye I had to go to Cosmo for...le sigh.
Thanks for the inspiration Rackycoo!

Lots more pages yet to be done.


ArtPfunk said...

These are all FANTASTIC! YTou have a really strong sense of design...

Did you get these pages pre cut on the sides? Or do you have a punch of some kind?

ArtPfunk said...
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Babbetto said...

Awww thanks so much ArtPFunk!

The holes on the side are there because one of the requirements for the swap was to pre-purchase the same exact w/c journal so everyone's pages were exactly the same.
I do happen to have one of the Zutter machines that make these same holes so that I can make my own journals with the spiral bound's so cool.