Sunday, February 3, 2008

With a Haughty Glare

My latest journal page for my new partner from the tip-in swap. I has asked her what elements she liked from any of my past works and tried to incorporate them into something new. I really hope I did that. Heh, I probably went way off base but I still liked the way these turned out. The color combination, amazingling enough, actually came as inspiration from a display that was in Michael's when I went in there to use my ubiquitous 40% coupon. Hmmm, what was it that I just had to have? Oh yes, a Crop-o-dile! Yeah yeah, I know...back on track.

I just loved the color combination of these two colors and I seriously loved the way they aged up.
I also really like the idea of using inchies on these. They seem so perfectly suited for it.
Here's a close up of them:
For some reason I love doing birds. I had no idea I loved doing birds...curious.

I found some short sentences in my much used copy of LIFE from the 50's and used them to construct a rather nonsensical poem, if you will, I feel that Zetti is nonsensical in it's style therefore the letters and poems should be as well. "With a Haughty Glare" would never be used in today's terminology. I like it.


kaleesi said...

I love that phrase - and you captured the haughty perfectly with her eyes!!!

and of course I love your round big eyed inchie birds!!!!!!!

kaleesi said...

oh yeah - and I love my cropadile!
now I need a binditall and a wishblade!

Babbetto said...

Thanks for the comment on my little birdies Kaleesi and you are getting as bad as I am with the fancy scmancy must have gadgets.