Saturday, April 5, 2008

A New ATC Card

I was asked to join in on a swap on Illustrated ATC's awhile back as a way to basically drag lurkers out of hiding and get them more involved in the swap process. I had been a member for awhile but was so busy elsewhere to join in on any swaps and hey, let's face it, intimidated as all get out by the sheer talent those people posses. Scary talent.

At any rate I was paired up with a woman in Canada who does some amazing watercolors and she had available a card I much admired so we arranged a swap. Of course I have nothing available as everything I do is actually for something. I never have on hand cards available to swap for people to choose from. I need to seriously fix that!

She went through my Flick'r photos and picked a couple of things she said she liked and this is the card I came up with for her.

I hope she likes it.

I really liked painting the stripes on the background.

I may have to do more stripe-y backgrounds.


Colorfuldayz said...

Great ATC ... your birds just get better and better!

Babbetto said...

Thanks Colorfuldayz!