Saturday, April 5, 2008

A new Tip-In with a Twist Journal Page


Was I supposed to have this much fun doing one of these and especially, is it even considered a tip-in at this point? I could not help myself. It started off innocently enough with the background and I loved the color combination. Then of course after jealously drooling all over everyone else's sewing (by machine) I decided I would do some of that. First problem is that I own 4 sewing machines and the second problem, I can't get any of them to actually work.

Sewing by hand it is!

The gridded pocket was just the piece of paper I used under the painted grid piece I used on my other chunky pages and I kept it, liking the way it looked. The 4 inchie represents my partners 4th re-birth year after having cancer issues. The 'A' on a stick was serendipity as it was the only stencil of mine I could locate and her user name starts with an A.

Check out all those uneven stitches. Hehe, I tried to zig zag the stitches. HAHA, that was funny! I should at the very least, have tried them on a scrap piece first. I do like the way them came out regardless.
Here is the page/pocket without all the "stuff". The feathers are attached as is the egg.

Here is the bird with his wings unfolded. I like his little pear shape.
Hehe, I knew I saved those little Hagen Daz sticks for a reason!And the back side. I can't help myself around the lime green. It is one of my favorite colors!

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