Thursday, July 31, 2008

Boy was I productive

I took a couple days off from work last weekend and finally managed to get a couple of things done in the way of some artwork...yay!

I had started this one a couple of weeks back and then got side tracked...again, with the sparkly stuff and pretty butterflies.
This is a 4"x4" canvas.

This color combination is currently one of my favorites right now, as you will see. Must play with turquoise more often.
Another 4"x4" canvas.

Oh, the little bird is telling some of the dogs secrets and filling Ralphies head up. You can see Ralphie thinking of ways to get even with the dog, yes indeed.

This piece was inspired by two things, one of which was a post by Colorfuldayz called Pet Diaries which I thought was hilarious and ever so fitting.

This one is an 8"x8" Canvas.

I may be offering these up on etsy later this week or next.


goatgoddess said...

love them - will have to be watching for th at bumble bee :)

Colorfuldayz said...

These are great!! Glad you have been so ultra productive!