Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dragons In The Garden

I need to put a disclaimer on the top of this post before I even get to the pictures.
*I am NOT a photographer*
I just learned how (and where it was) to work the macro feature on my camera just recently, sooooo, given that the disclaimer is out there for you all to see I give you some fairly respectable pictures of a very picture savvy dragonfly.

He let me put that camera within inches of his face and whenever I or one of the dogs startled him enough to make him fly off he always managed to return, and in the SAME spot.
At one point he even cocked his head towards me and I could almost hear him say, "This is my good side"

Hehe, I hadn't realized he had flown off until after I took this picture.

Isn't he just gorgeous! Maybe I had never noticed them before, I'm not sure, but I really don't remember seeing a dragonfly around here with this coloring before.

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